split snake cells for Android split snake split snake split snake split snake cells split snake cells game for android description: New io game with easy controls and no lag!
Can you conquer the biggest land? Control your snake to conquer new areas close an area fill the blocks with your color and try to own the biggest territory on the map!
You start the game with a small base and expand your land by coloring the cells captured.
In landix io game all have equal chance to slap your enemies!
Even you have a tiny base you can slither onto the other snake dots to kill them.
The size of your area does not matter.
Features: no lag.
Works on many devices without performance issues.
Internet connection is not needed.
Smooth control on mobile devices.
Just swipe or use joystick to change your direction.
Try to beat your highest score based on blocks owned.
What 39 s coming next: bigger map more skins for customization ad free modeclaim the biggest land on the mapcapture as many blocks as possible by closing an area and fill them with your color when you go back to your base.
The more cells you own the higher chance you take your spot in the leaderboard.
Defend yourself your territoryif any other snake slap your dots you die!
Do not let others run into you when you slither on cells to grow!
Watch out!
Others can steal from your territory!
Defend your land and try not to lose many blocks captured.
Kill other snakes don t suicideif you run into the dots of any other snake you kill them.
Slap others and kill as many as possible.
Do not try to kill snakes from the head or you both die!
If you hit your own dots you die as well.
Watch out the edges of the map and don 39 t hit your own body to survive longer while you slither.
We value your feedbacklandix io game is still in development.
We will develop the game according to your feedback and your wishes!
Your reviews are important for us!
Please send us any feedback.
You can like landixio on facebook or follow us on twitter to be updated about the game.
Https: landixiohttps: landixio
Download Free Android 4.0.3+ split snake cells.apk / 31MB

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